Automated and Intelligent (A.I.) Trading is defined as Automated Trading using modern Artificial Intelligence approaches. A.I. trading is created to dedicate to the research and development of Automated and Intelligent (A.I.) Trading in financial markets by Chenghui Cai on October 07, 2009. Its purpose is to provide a communication platform and study resource for people of common interests in A.I. trading and to cultivate an atmosphere of related academic research. Its ultimate mission is to (1) eliminate or greatly mitigate the information asymmetry between informed traders and non-informed ordinary investors like you and me by intelligently mining financial data/information; and (2) to enable most people, even the non-professional, to enjoy the applications of Artificial Intelligence to financial investments, e.g., trading, by providing cheap and easily understandable tools.

This website will be continuously updated. Please keep checking it out.